Research Cores

Core A - Administration

Core A provides the overall scientific leadership, mentoring, and the fiscal and general management of the program. This core administers the annual RFA process, manages the monthly COBRE meetings, the internal and external advisory board meetings, and all fiscal and administrative matters. Core A also provides the funding for First Awards, and for the selection and purchase of equipment to support subproject research. In addition, annual COBRE symposia/workshops/courses are organized or co-organized, and several seminars are sponsored by Core A.

Core B - High Throughput Screening

Core B supports the establishment of a laboratory dedicated to high throughput screening (HTS) of complex chemical libraries from existing libraries, and compounds and libraries prepared in Core C for the identification of bioactive compounds. The generation and analysis of novel compounds in Core C, and the development of methods for screening in Core B, offers a unique opportunity for joining two previously separate areas of research into a combined effort.

Contact Information:
Anu Roy, Ph.D.
Director, High Throughput Screening Laboratory
Structural Biology Center
2034 Becker Dr.
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66047
Phone: 785-864-1709
Fax: 785-864-1619

Core C - Medicinal Chemistry

Core C is a university-based drug discovery facility with a state-of-the-art infrastructure for pharmaceutical research. The Core provides medicinal, synthetic, and combinatorial chemistry support for Core B and COBRE investigators. The support involves the optimization of compounds, found by high throughput screening, for potency, and selectivity by the following:

  • Preparing targeted libraries for screening and lead optimization
  • Synthesizing organic compounds on various scales (from mg to multi-gram)
  • Providing extracts from natural products
  • Assisting COBRE investigators, if requested, in the design of novel ligands and in the development of practical synthetic routes.

The Core operates a fully equipped and functioning kilogram-scale synthetic laboratory along with the associated analytical capabilities. The feasibility of establishing an API facility that would enable synthesizing compounds in sufficient quantities for animal studies is currently under exploration.

Core C continues to lead the evaluation and acquisition and synthesis of compounds for screening in the HTS laboratory from commercial sources to assist investigators who are interested in having their screens evaluated or compound tested in a variety of novel assays. This effort involves synthetic compounds and extracts from natural products as well as compounds from the NCI repository of synthetic and natural products.

Core C works closely with Core A on planning and conducting short courses, workshops, and seminars to support the research effort through training of faculty, students, postdocs and research personnel. Such short courses include combinatorial chemistry techniques, theory and practice and the principles of drug design.

Contact Information:
Jeffrey Aubé, Ph.D.
Director, Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory
Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Structural Biology Center, 2034 Becker Dr.
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045
Phone: 785-864-4496
Fax: 785-864-8179


Steven Rogers, Ph.D.
Core Manager
Phone: 785-864-1607