The NIH National Institute of General Medical Science's objectives for the COBRE phase III (2010-2015) are to (1) provide support for maintaining COBRE research cores developed during phases I and II that are essential for the continuing conduct of basic, clinical, translational research, and/or community based research at the institution, and (2) sustain a collaborative, multidisciplinary research environment by providing support for research pilot projects and mentoring and training components. Our emphasis is now focused on continued development of our two core laboratories, High Throughput Screening and Medicinal Chemistry.

The grant also provides funds for Pilot Projects for up to $125,000 total for two years. Funding is dependent on the quality of the research proposals, investigator's needs, and the availability of funds.

Strong scientific proposals at the cutting edge of cancer research, interactions among investigators at the interface of chemistry and biology, along with a strong mentoring aspect, will help facilitate the ongoing efforts of the NCI-designated Cancer Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

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